OPC-UA Errors With ControlLogix 5500 Device


I have a question about a few errors and warnings that are appearing in the Ignition Console related to a ControlLogix 5500 Device. It appears that we are getting messages related to disconnects and other communication errors. The sqltags appear to be reading the device fine with the exception of these warnings. I’d like to understand these errors and whether there may be a better way to configure our device. Here is the rundown of our system:
Ignition v7.2.9.200 HP-UX
ControlLogix 5500 Device -
Name: BEL_MFG_1
Browse Timeout: 360000
Read Timeout: 30000
Write Timeout: 30000
Communication Timeout: 2000
Concurrent Requests: 2

I have attached the wrapper log file and the console export export. Please let me know if there are any other log files or info that I can supply to help.

logs.bin.gz (223 KB)
wrapper.zip (136 KB)

This post can be disregarded. The disconnects where legitimate because of poor LAN performance at the site and a PLC that was not on UPS. The device driver was recently moved from a Gateway that was on a WAN down to the site LAN. There was concern that there may have been configuration issues causing the problem after the migration to the LAN.