OPC-UA Failover

Hey guys,

I don’t think this is really a problem but it’s something I noticed as I was updating my Kepware installs over the weekend.

I have redundant servers, there is a Kepware install on each server. In the gateway settings I have the Kepware server on the Primary machine as the default OPC server and a failover to the Kepware install on the Backup machine.

This weekend I upgraded my Kepware to the newest version. I upgraded the backup first, then I did the primary. Once the primary went down it automatically switched over to the backup like it was supposed to but when the primary OPC server came back up it never switched back. Both servers are still connected to the failover OPC server on the backup machine.

It’s not a big deal since it’s still working fine, but I’m not sure if it will switch back to the primary server if there is a problem with the failover server or not, or is this the proper operation? Just an FYI, thanks!

It will only switch back if there is a problem on the failover server now. You can force it to go back to primary by edit/saving the connection (forcing a reconnect).

Ok, that’s what I figured but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks!