OPC-UA is not working properly


After the OPCUA device is connected, the gateway shows as connected, but in reality, the value inside shows bad. Setting the driver to disable and then switching to enable cannot solve this problem. How should I solve this problem? Thank you

what device driver are you using?

Omron NJ Driver

Have you look at its diagnostics page?

Have you loaded that specific tag into the driver configuration? (You must export tags from Sysmac Studio and load them into the driver. Only those tags will work.)

If you need a driver that auto-browses Omron NJ/NX devices, consider this alternate driver:

/shameless plug

The PLC model we use is OmronNJ-501. We export the variable table from the Omron program, then create the omronNJ driver in the ignition gateway, and import the variables into the OmronNJ driver. Read the variables of the ignition gateway in the designer, and the value of the tag is always Bad. What’s the reason for the above problem?

Does the tag diagnostics show anything for a tag that is bad?