OPC UA long item path , possible to set default browsing location?


So I am adding some tags to my ignition project. Each time I add a tag I click on the tag list and go to add tag -> standard tag -> OPC Tag. I enter a tag name, I select the OPC server from the list (very easy since there is only 2 options), and then I need to set the OPC Item path.

The issue is that when I set the OPC Item path I have to navigate a very "deep" tree. So for example I have to click on all of the following in order

  1. Codesys
  2. Object
  3. DeviceSet
  4. Codesys Control Win V3 x64
  5. Application
  6. Programs
  7. PLC_PRG
  8. Tagname

So each time I want to add something I have to navigate 8 levels of the OPC UA tree which is time consuming and annoying. Is there a way to set a "default" path that is closer to the tags that I am looking for?

I do have complete control over the project so I could change settings in the ignition gateway if there is something there that I could use.

  • Create the first tag in the designer
  • Export the tag to a file
  • Open the file in your favorite text editor (Notepad++ or vi or whatever)
  • Copy/Paste/Edit the rest of them
  • Save the file
  • Import the file in the designer.

That is not exactly what I was hoping for, I was hoping for a faster way to pick individual tags instead of mass importing. I appreciate the reply though.

I know it isn't what you wanted, but it is the fastest / easiest / lowest error mechanism to achieve the result. (Cue Mick et.al.)

There's no such feature, and I'm not quite sure how possible it would be because that OPC Browse tree is entirely dynamic, every time, and there's no correlation between an OPC NodeId and its Browse Name or location in any kind of hierarchy it appears in.

Ok I understand, thanks

Consider using the separate OPC browser (not the one from within the tag editor) to capture OPC item paths (right click). Then paste that into your new tag's item path field. The OPC browser panel will not lose your place.

(You can also drag and drop, if you must. Not recommended for deep hierarchies.)


Yeah, I just leave this one open. It doesn't close automatically like the newer tag wizardy dialog thing does.

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If most people are in the habit of using another OPC browser that would explain why nobody has attempted to add that feature to built in dialog. It really is a cumbersome process to navigate a big tree like that every time.