OPC UA Method Browse


Is there a way to display OPC-UA Method inside the TagExplorer ?

We are currently working on Oriented Objects Architecture inside the Beckhoff (codesys), we want to interface with it using OPC-UA Method.

I am restricted to use an external software : Matrikon OPC-UA Explorer, in order to know what Method are available on an OPC-UA Server.


Unfortunately there is not. Ignition’s tag system doesn’t have any similar concept to methods and it’s not clear how we’d represent them as tags right now.

Is there a way to browse OPC Server, to return the name of available method ?
like: system.opcua.browseMethod(Server, Path)

No, but there has been some discussion in the past about allowing methods to be returned in the results of system.opc.browseServer.

I’ll make sure there is a ticket for this and we’ll review it soon.