OPC UA Methods

Is it possible to implement OPC UA Methods using SDK? If not, is there some plan to support this in the future? Another somewhat related question: does Inductive Automation publish which named profiles from Part 7 of the OPC UA Specification Ignition conforms to?

Methods aren’t currently supported but I don’t think it would be too difficult to add them…

As for the profiles, I should be able to let you know for sure after this week.

Thanks for the reply. It seems possible to implement using the OPC Server Connection Extension Point, but perhaps not by extending NodeMapDriver. Implementing the BrowseNode interface is straightforward, but BrowseNodeType doesn’t include “Method”.

Yeah, that BrowseNode stuff wasn’t written with Methods in mind.

As a heads up, in 7.3 that BrowseNode interface becomes a bit less relevant and there are some small changes to the Driver interface and the way a driver builds and provides nodes.