OPC-UA Omron FINS/TCP communication failed after gateway/HMI hardware power restart

Hi all, i have OPC-UA Omron FINS/TCP communication. The PLC is connected to an Edge gateway/HMI/PC where Ignition Edge is being installed. Whenever the gateway/HMI/PC is being power restart (a normal windows 10 pc restart), after the Ignition Edge platform is running again, the PLC tags communication would become bad. The quality would become uncertain or bad. And the only way is to restart the OPC-UA module, followed by Omron Driver module, then only the communication would be back to normal.

Is this the normal/supposed behavior of OPC-UA Omron FINS/TCP communication with Omron driver?
If no, could someone please kindly suggest how could i go about troubleshooting it?

Many thanks in advance!

Not normal.

If this is something you can repeat, then after restarting while it’s not connected and failing to reconnect, set the logger called com.inductiveautomation.omron.fins.ChannelFsm to DEBUG and also get a Wireshark capture if possible.