OPC UA - Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC


I am using Ignition Edge 7.9.12 utilized in an Opto 22 Groov EPIC.
a couple of IO points have been configured local to the groov EPIC. We would like to use these points in edge. so we used the OPC-UA device driver: Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC.

However, the status still show not connected, we used the IP address of the groov address (same as the edge gateway webpage address) and default TCP/IP port 22001

Any advise on how to get this fixed.


Hello melwadeya- Apologies for the delayed response as I don’t lurk here as much as I’d like to (or should).

The Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC driver was designed to connect to a PAC Control strategy running on the groov EPIC, rather than directly to the I/O cards.

No worries, though. This is easy to overcome. Simply download and install the free PAC Control Basic strategy development software from Opto 22’s website, create a new strategy, configure your I/O, then download to your target EPIC. Start the strategy, which will initialize the I/O. You don’t have to actually create any flowcharts or a complete control strategy; just define your I/O.

If you need any assistance with the above steps, please see our free OptoU Training Series on PAC Control at training dot opto22 dot com.

Once complete, you can use the Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC Ignition driver to connect to your PAC Control strategy using ‘localhost’ and port 22001. All your I/O tag names will come over.

We hope to someday create a new driver for communicating directly to the I/O using our OptoMMP protocol. If this is something you wish to have, let us know at systemseng at opto22 dot com.

If you need further support, please reach out to us at support at opto22 dot com. All product support for your groov EPIC is free of charge.

Thanks for using Opto 22 products! -Benson

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Links for above post:

PAC Control Basic (free):

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