OPC- UA Path

Hi all,

  1. I have Allen Bradley DH+ with 5 SLC nodes and a Datalink GW1000 Ethenet to DH+ converter.
    Is it possible to configure the OPC-UA connection path to see each node.
  2. Can the user name and password be removed from the launch designer when you launch
    the project.

For the DH+ question, you can add the DH+ station number to the end of the Host Name. For example:,10 specifies DH+ station 10 in octal. Add a separate Ignition device for each DH+ station.

The number of DH+ station that you can communicate to is only limited by the number of TCP connections that the GW1000 will support.

This feature was added in May 2012 and depending on the version of Ignition you are using you may have to do an update.


I have updated ignition, and entered IP address,node in the host name box but device current status is stuck on browse pending. I connected and verified the GW1000 was working with Allen Bradleys RS linx.

What device are you connecting to?

After a device connection is made, the data table layout is read from the processor. Ignition does not support reading the data table layout of all processors and SLC compatible devices do not support it either.

In the device setting within the Ignition gateway, select “Show advanced categories?” check box. Select the “Disable Processor Browse” setting. You will not be able to browse the processor in the OPC Browse in the Ignition designer. Instead, you will have to manually type in the address into the OPC Path in the tag editor.

There are 4 SLC504’s on this DH+ Network connected through a GW1000 Etheretn to DH+ Converter.

I have configured the device as suggested and now have a connected status message.In the tag editor, all i see the device but not an address.what do you enter in the OPC path?

Use the following format for the OPC Path.

[Name of device]Address

Where the Name of Device is what you entered when you added the device in the Ignition gateway.
Address is the SLC data table address.


Make sure the data type for the tag matches the data type in the SLC. So B3:0/0 is a Boolean and N7:0 is a Int2, etc.

To any one who comes across this post, I’ve tried the above mentioned and it doesn’t work!. I’m currently on ignition version 7.7.5. In the “host” just put the IP of the GW1000 only. in the connection path you enter 1,2,2,[node#]. So My 5/04 is on node 2 so my path is 1,2,2,2. leave “disable processor browse” unchecked in the advanced options and it will identify the DHRIO protocol. Then you browse the OPC tags like anything else. :thumb_right:

On another note, if you attach an O-Scope to the DH+ network you will see that the GW1000 puts out about half the power for the signal. To fix the disconnects, place the GW1000 outside of the terminating resistors of your network and it will never disconnect again.

Hope this helps.