OPC UA performance and fine tuninng


We are running Ignition 8 on Ubuntu18 as VM in Proxmox environment. I provided this VM with decent CPU and 16 Gigs of RAM (Updated .conf). But as main project is getting bigger and bigger, we start to experience some problems with Ignition OPC UA. At this stage we have over 45k tags and 125 devices (mostly modbus RTU over TCP). For majority of tags we use a direct scan-class with 60s rate. Devices are not overloaded (as far as can judge. Clicking between 125 devices on Status web page take some time. You should really think to add “Device Load” column to device list on Status page).

  • Main issue with OPC UA now - is hanging of Tag Browser and as result a Designer is hanging too while OPC UA is “Executing task” after even a minor change was made to OPC tag. Change device id > wait 30-60 sec.
    -Same time interval you have to wait for client window to update tags after it was opened.
    -Client/Designer is local or remote, result doesn’t change.

Can we improve performance of our OPC UA/Tag browser, or we already stretching the limits of it? Do you have any settings suggestions for OPC UA servers of different scales?


I’d give support a call and let them take a look.

and FWIW, most of what you mentioned isn’t OPC UA, it’s just the Tag Browser / Vision module, so maybe don’t lead your support inquiry telling them it’s an OPC UA problem, just describe the symptoms you’re seeing and let them troubleshoot.

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