OPC-UA Permissions Denied

Hey All,

I recently was looking at my OPC-UA settings, when I hit save (after changing to read only) I exited and the connection went to Faulted instead of connected. I went back into the settings and changed everything back to the default settings to try and see if there was a way to reconnect but no dice on that end either. So I tried deleting that connection in hopes that a brand new connection with default settings would be able connect no problem, following the steps laid out in the 7.9 manual. Again no dice so I’m a bit stuck as to what caused this faulting to occur. When I look at the details surrounding this issue I get the following message “status=Bad_UserAccessDenied, description=User does not have permission to perform the requested operation.”

Any insight to this would be much appreciated, thanks.

Does your gateway still have the ‘opcua-module’ user source?

Also, under Configure → OPC-UA Server → Settings, is this authentication profile assigned to Ignition’s OPC-UA server?

If both of those are true, is there an actual user inside the ‘opcua-module’ user source? The default user is ‘opcuauser’ with password ‘password’.

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All of that is true. The connection is back up and running, after again not changing anything. Holding my breath and hoping that it stays that way.

Yeah. I found it to be the case too that the OPC-UA server seems to randomly stop. Usually clicking edit and saving solves it but once I had to reset the module. This seems to be an issue (somewhat recurring but not that hard to fix) since i’ve seen it commented somewhere around here before.

Thanks guys ! Had the same issue.

Got it resolved by selecting the correct auth profile.

thanks your reply helped me

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