Working on setting up a connection to a PLC5 system. The PLC5 is node 1 on the DH+, the DHRIO card is in slot 4 in the CLGX rack. Using channel A.

I assume the connection path would be 1,4,2,1 in that case correct?

Is there a catch doing this if you are already using the same ENET card for a connection to CLGX processor?(using 4 of the connections out of 64)

That is the correct path. There shouldn’t be a catch if you are doing that already.

Hmm, wonder why it keeps timing out and never connecting.

I also have a device link to the CLGX processor in the same rack as the ENET card. Wonder if that’s conflicting.

There is no problem connecting to multiple processors through one ENET card. Your path also look correct based on the information you provided.

What version of Ignition are you running? Can you connect to the PLC-5 using another OPC server or RSLogix?

Running 7.2.3, Yes I have an RsLinx connection to that server I can enable.


Ughh, Never mind :blush:

They swapped the plc5 out for a CLGX this week and forgot to tell me. So yeah, makes sense that I can’t talk to the PLC5 bangs head on desk

New question, can I still connect to this CLGX using the CLGX driver and a connection path through the ENET->DHRIO? Or is that not a supported feature?


It does work that way too.

So if you have one CLGX rack w/ a ENET and a DHRIO tied to another CLGX rack w/ a DHRIO the connection path works like so
1,4,2,1,1,6 in my case
backplane, dhrio slot, channel a of dhrio, node 1 of DH+, backplane, slot 6 for the cpu in this case.