OPC UA RedLion Connection Faulted: Exception: session inactive

[Error connecting to 3rd party UA server: Exception: session inactive] I am presenting the same symptoms here with a redLion opc connection which keeps faulting out. it connects and disconnect. the comm does not hold steady. Exception: session inactive: id=NodeId{ns=0, id=10001}

Can you provide some logs and possibly get a Wireshark capture?

It looks like after a gap in the notifications received from this server we try to call the ResendData method, which it appears this server doesn't support, and then the server closes the connection.

A Wireshark capture would help to verify this is what's happening before I send you off to RedLion support.

Per this company IT policies we are not allow to have Wireshark on our PCs. However, I have some others redlions that are connected and working fine.

Get an exception for the gateway machine.

And how can we tell the difference without low-level diagnostic tools?


You'll just have to take my analysis at face value then.

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Looking at the log screenshot again, I think it might actually be the Republish service the server doesn't support, and it's closing the connection with transport level error message indicating Bad_ServiceUnsupported.

This is even more egregious than not implementing the ResendData method because it's not an optional part of supporting Subscriptions.

Hey Guys so you know, I tried recreating another OPC connection and renamed the old and it seems to be working holding in. Weird!