OPC-UA request exceeds remote max message size

We are trying to get 8.0 communicating properly with a Bedrock SCC controller. However, once we pass a certain amount of tags, we get the following error:

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2019/01/08 15:39:27 | W [c.i.i.g.o.c.c.OpcUaSubscriptionSynchronizer] [15:39:27]: Failed to create 1801 items on subscription 'tag-group-default_default-unleased': request exceeds remote max message size: 169919 > 65535 connection-name=BedrockSCC

It looks like we are surpassing some limit in the Bedrock controller. Is there a way for Ignition to optimize this?

Experiment with the “Max Per Operation” setting on the OPC UA connection.