OPC UA Security Policy: Doesn't appear Basic256 option

Hi there, when i create OPC UA server, the Security policy Basic 256 isn’t available, only appears basic128, its important to us to have the basic256 because of the excahnge of the certificates.
Could you please help me?

It looks like you’re making a connection to an Ignition OPC UA server from 7.9 or earlier. Versions before 8.0 did not allow the SecurityPolicy choices offered by the server to be configured.

Hi Kevin:
This configuration can work with Ignition 7.9
Alogrithm : SHA1
Security basic 256
Security mode: Sign & Encypt
But SHA2 is not allowed in Ignition 7.9 Right?

Correct, the "Basic256" profile should be supported, but the newer "Basic256Sha256" profile is not supported.

Ignition 8.1 supports all of these, as well as the newer Aes128_Sha256_RsaOaep and Aes256_Sha256_RsaPss profiles.

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Thanks for your reply.
For ignition 7.9
I've tried Basic256 with Siemens and Beckhoff.
Siemens support SHA1, can connect.
Beckhoff only support SHA2, can not connect.
Is that because of difference between SHA1 and SHA2 ?

Yes, seems likely. They are two different security policies.

Does ignition 8.1 only support SHA1 Hash Algorithm of sinature ?

See Kevin's comment six days ago. v7.9 is the version that only supports SHA1.