Opc UA - selected protocol

Looking for a solution…
Adding a list of micro logix devices, when reboot happens/service is restarted the driver selects a communication protocol, possibly the first one that gets connected? Of the 2 types that I am aware of EIP and PCCC, from reboot to reboot the protocol that it chooses differs. The problem is although PCCC says it is connected in the gateway, in the client, all values are bad/ stale. Most of the time it chooses EIP which works like it should.

Is there a way to force a protocol/ hinder the unwanted protocol so they all - always connect with EIP?
Help is appreciated!

No, there is no way to specify the protocol to use.

I spoke with the developer and he explained the way the protocol is selected. EIP is the first protocol that is tried, if this fails then PCCC is tried. If PCCC is being selected then that means that EIP is failing. Also, the last protocol that was connected with is saved and used to re establish the connection upon restart.