OPC UA Server and Prosys Clinet


I have configured the OPC UA Server Setting in the Ignition, but when I try to connect with the server from the Prosys UA Client, it doesn't connect.

When I press the select, it returns to the same window. I am not sure how to debug what is wrong...

what's the error message in Prosys?

That URI looks suspicious--that is, that doesn't look like the URI for an Ignition server that is configured to listen to connections from the outside world.

Look here:


Help us help you....give us some more context:

  • Screenshots of your configuration
  • Architecture of the setup(running on same PC or different)

Hi All,

Thanks for the response. I don't see any error in the logs of Prosys. I have also Unchecked the Anonymous Access Allowed.

Below are the configurations from Prosys


Prosys and Ignition are on the same PC

Did you add the user 'prosysuser' in the opcua-module user source?



It looks like you made a new user souce, not add the user to the user source I referenced.


It was not working for some reason, so I created a new one, does this change anything ?

The default user source for the OPC-UA module is 'opcua-module' (as seen in @Yousef_Ali's post).

Any users should be added to that user source.

Also, restating @pturmel's post:

Did you enter that URI, or did Prosys fill that in for you?

Kind of a little confused.

Do we need to install an OPC UA Module Driver to appear URI?

as of now I don't see ant option of URI

Might be easier if you screenshot your OPC server settings inside Ignition including the users in the user source you're using. That way we can see what you're seeing. It may just be a simple configuration change, but if we can verify that the server settings are OK, it helps everyone narrow down the issue.