OPC UA server/client certificate is expiration on 08-Jul-2023

Dear All,

We purchased the Ignition Edge/Sync and OPC UA license 3 year ago and installed it in the Ignition Edge server on _08-07-2023.
But, now we have check OPC UA security page on ignition gateway and find OPC UA server/client certificate is expiration on 08-Jul-2023.

So, please guide us for continuous working OPC UA without any disturbance.

chirag k

You must generate a new certificate. There will be slight downtime while you have the new certificate accepted by each end of the communications. If you can upgrade to a current release, you can use the gateway's new UI to generate the new certificate with expiration many years in the future, instead of three years.

Thanks pturmel,

I've regenerate OPC UA certificate and update expiration for many year's.
Now, Certificate expiration updated for defined year's.

Chirag k

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