OPC UA Server Communication

Hi guys,

I am currently in the process of getting a remote connection to read data from ignition’s OPC UA server. The remote connection is a little old school, no nice ability to browse the devices/tag providers. I have been able to set up a working connection but stuck on getting the syntax right for the tag read.

When I browse using the OPC UA quick client, i can see the device listed as -
[Ignition OPC UA Server]ns =1; s= [TESTDEV]_Meta:Random/RandomDouble1

I have tried to call the path using various shortened methods of the above but without luck. I came across a peice of the website about escaping the connection and listing it as so -

This also was unsuccesful, any ideas on what the path syntax normally is?

Unfortunately whatever syntax you need is going to be defined by the application you’re trying to connect.

The syntax from the post you found is one defined in the UA spec for describing a browse path but I couldn’t tell you if that’s what your application is looking for or not.

Ignition, for example, does not use this syntax. Instead it uses the parseable format for a NodeId ("ns=1;s=[TESTDEV]_Meta:Random/RandomDouble1" being an example)