OPC UA Server Connected, all tags bad


I tried to connect an Arburg press which has an OPC Server onboard.
I configured it in Ignition and the connection is fine

If I load the tags in the designer via the opc browser, both are red and in config error

they used to work at a first config, then I close the designer and reopen it and I got this error. Even by recreating the the connection I have the same error

any idea on how to solve it?
thank you

What is the full version of Ignition are you using?

the Version is 7.9.4

I also made a test on the Quick client and from there I can read the tag, the config error is only in case I import the tag in the designer from the OPC browser

Yes, I believe there is a problem creating the subscription or monitored items. The server may impose some limit to the number that are allowed, or not allow them at all.

Setting the logger for “opcua.client.OpcUaConnection.UaSubscriptionChangeListener” to TRACE might help diagnose what exactly is failing.

Where can I modify it?

In the Status > Diagnostics > Logs area: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/Diagnostics#Diagnostics-Logs

Here the logs

there some errors and warnings related to it
I am checking if I can find something, can you also have a look?

many thanks

The server is telling you there are already too many monitored items created.

If there are other OPC UA clients connected you might need to budget how many items each can subscribe to. You might even need to do that with just Ignition connected.

You could also put all these tags into a Polled/Read mode scan class instead, and they’ll be polled instead of subscribed on the server.

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With read scan class it works.
Thank you