OPC UA Server connection faulted in Gateway Redundancy Mode

Hello All,

I am using ignition version - 8.1.0
And have gateway master backup architecture. My master and backup both are in healthy connection.
But the OPC UA Server connection in backup gateway is in fault condition where as it is connected in master gateway.


I tried all the possibilities like, force synchronization, gateway restart, security settings, gateway network settings etc.

Please, provide any relevant solution for it.

You should consider contacting Inductive Automation Support about this.

Any sort of OPC-UA related error you are seeing on the backup would be necessary to troubleshoot this. Such as the fault error you are seeing for the connection.

A somewhat common cause of OPC-UA server issues would be the deletion/alteration of the “opcua-module” User Source. You can confirm that User Source still exists on the backup to rule this out.