OPC-UA server, controllogix and read whole array

I’m using the 7.8 ignition OPC-UA server with a controllogix with firmware version 28, as language to communicate with the server python with this library ( github.com/FreeOpcUa/python-opcua ) .
However I can’t manage how to read whole arrays or matrix, I CANNOT perform a single read for every value!

Also on the web opc client integrated I cannot get the whole matrix, only single values.
Is this a limititation of the opc ua server?

( when using bosch mlc 75 opc server I can read and write whole array and matrix! )

Any hints or tips?


None of the drivers support arrays. You’ll notice that all elements of arrays belong to folders instead.

You can issue a single read call for all the elements and the driver will only make one request for all those elements, you just can’t access it as an array type.