OPC UA Server Faulted v8

I have upgraded to V8.0 in order to take the Ignition core exam and uploaded gwbk file provided by ignition

Ignition OPC UA Server is faulted and I am getting the following error
UaException: status=Bad_CertificateUriInvalid, message=The URI specified in the ApplicationDescription does not match the URI in the Certificate.

When I look at the opc-ua security settings the certs are showing invalid date


Try shutting down the gateway and then deleting these files:

  • $IGNITION/data/opcua/client/security/certificates.pfx
  • $IGNITION/data/opcua/server/security/certificates.pfx

Then start it up again.


what gwcmd would I use to stop… I see -r to restart alright

You can probably just delete those files and then restart it.

I don’t know if the gwcmd has start/stop service. If you’re on the command line you can already do that via the appropriate commands for your OS (net stop ignition etc…)

Deleting and restarting worked. Thanks again