OPC UA server faulted

So I have like 20 minutes experience with Ignition…

I had a project that was working, fired up my PC this morning and all of my PLC tags are null, when I open the OPC browser and try to expand the OPC-UA Server there is nothing there. In the gateway config screen I can see my PLC where I configure the devices and it is running. But my server is faulted… any ideas?


It could be that your IP address has changed, or it could be something else…

Can you export your logs from the console page and attach them (or send them to support)?

I have noticed that the same thing happens to me usually when my computer goes to sleep mode and I’m connected to different network (DHCP) the next time I wake it up. The question is, how do I UPDATE or refresh the OPC-UA server IP address?

Upon further research, I found the answer other thread… You update the IP address with an UPDATE query in the advanced section of the System/Console from the Ignition Gateway webpage. Then you must restart the OPC-UA module from the Configuration/Modules section. See screenshots.

I think you can do the same on gateway configuration web page:

OPC-UA -> Settings -> Server -> Endpoint Address

“This is the local address that the Ignition UA server will bind to. It is also the address that will be used in a GetEndpointResponse, so it is important that this be an address reachable by any clients that wish to connect. Requires a module restart to take effect.”

Then, you must restart the UA module anyway.


Awesome, thanks for the responses!