OPC-UA Server Faulted

Upgrade to 7.8-RC1 and can’t get my OPC-UA server running.

Attached the log.
OPC-Details.txt (6.74 KB)

There was a little backwards incompatibility between 7.8 beta1 and RC1.

The easiest fix (if it lets you) is to just delete the OPC-UA connection from the connections page and create a new one.

It wont let me open the connections page - Says internal error.

For now - I will uninstall and reinstall without bringing my gateway restore. I can easily enough redo all of the gateway settings

Dang. We’ll have to delete the records from the internal DB.

Head over to System > Console > Advanced tab, click the “Raw Settings Viewer” link.

List all your OPC-UA connections:


Write down or remember the SERVERSETTINGIDs…

Then, for each of those ids, execute the following two, in this order (replace 1 with the actual id):


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I will try that. After I thought about reinstalling without my gateway. That would take longer because I would have to redo all of my SQLTags.

If you have a backup from 7.7 (you do, right?!) you could uninstall, install RC1, then restore the backup.

No - I started this project in 7.8-Beta knowing we needed the new reporting module.

Ahhh, okay. That makes more sense. Hopefully the internal DB fiddling gets you going.

Tried the console statements with no luck.

Here is new new error log.
OPCError.txt (4.35 KB)

I was able to delete the server now, and it gave a new error log.
OPCError.txt (4.17 KB)

Blerrgh. Try this UA module: files.inductiveautomation.com/be … odule.modl

No Dice on that either.

I ended up just uninstalling and reinstalling RC1.

Imported Project.

Added my PLC
Added my DB connection

Imported my SQLTags in the designer.

Everything is back running again. Thanks for your help.