OPC UA Server Issue

Ignition 8.1.13 Vision, Windows Server 2016
Setup: PLC Omron CJ1M - serial bridge Weintek CMT-G03 (activated OPC UA) - HMI Omron NS5
Issue: Unsigned 32 bits tags readings are not stable, the reading is altered from the proper value, lets say 1607, to 1 362 100 224, then 0, then again in the same order. Boolean tags are stable.
UA Expert reads stable and correct values both words and Boolean tags.
I was tweaking with the advanced parameters in OPC UA configuration page, but no luck.
Firewall checked. Station Numbers checked.
Any hints?

Can you connect to this server without security and get a Wireshark capture?

edit: if you can, then disable the connection, start the capture, enable the connection, and stop the capture after subscriptions values have populated and the tags with inconsistent values have had their value change a few times.

Hi, Kevin,

hope it is what you meant:

Upload the capture and I'll tell you if it's what I meant.


You didn't start the capture with the connection disabled and then enable it and wait, so I can't correlate the change notifications in each PublishResponse to any particular tag.

Another easier approach might be to set the log level for the logger you find search "DataValueConsumer" to TRACE and then look for incoming changes in the logs.


It should be OK now.

Regarding the logs, nothing pops up.

What's the OPC Item Path of one of the tags that keeps changing value?


Okay, this shows the server is sending values that bounce back and forth between 0 and 1607 for that tag.

Are you sure you actually created a monitored item in UaExpert and weren't just looking at the static attribute view? Otherwise maybe the timing of the subscription publishing interval and item sampling interval have something to do with it. Not sure.

I don't know. I'd just be guessing at this point. You need to get support from the server vendor involved. Show them the capture you just took, it's objective proof the server is sending values that flip back and forth. The ClientHandle is 48 for the item in question. You can see in the notification data of the PublishResponses that it keeps changing.

Thank you, Kevin.
The battle will keep on going.