OPC UA server licence limitation

We are integrator of software in industry and we are interested in Ignition OPC UA Server to communicate with PLC. I have a couple of questions about the “free” licence :

1/ Is it possible to install the OPC UA server to several of our customers ?

2/ Who registers the licence ? Integrator or customers ?

3/ Our idea is to install our software with UA client + Ignition OPC UA server. Is it possible with free licence ? What is your definition of OEM ?



I’d probably suggest that you call in and talk to an account executive, just so you can begin a discussion about what you want to do. I mostly say that because even if the free use is ok, the management of the licenses will probably be better through a sales rep than trying to go through the website.

I suppose our license agreements specifically outline what an OEM is, but I think fundamentally, if someone is putting together a package or product that they’re going to sell as a whole, where Ignition is included and is part of the overall value, that would certainly be an OEM.


Thank you for those comments.

I will contact an account executive.