OPC UA Server with any SCADA

Hello, i would like to build a project with an OPC protocol. I have a device, a MySQL database and a SCADA software that runs in Linux (All of them). I would like to build an OPC Server that communicates with the database and with the Device. I 've seen Ignition makes it possible, the problem is that i need my own SCADA software. I need that that OPC server could be connected from any SCADA independently on the platform and so. Is that possible?
Thank you =)

I’m not 100% what you’re asking, but any OPC-UA client software should be able to connect to Ignition’s OPC-UA server.

I would like to build this schema
SCADA applications could be any type, i mean, im not developing them. I should implement an OPC-UA client that connects to Ignition OPC-UA server right?Must i implement it in Java or is it possible to make a C++ client that connects to OPC-UA server??
Hope this make things more understandable…
Thank you so much!

The OPC clients can be in any language and on any platform, as long as they are OPC-UA clients. The device connected to the Ignition OPC-UA server will have to be one that we have a driver for.

Everything looks ok otherwise.