OPC UA server

I am trying to connect to the OPC UA server with a test client I wrote in csharp. Is it possible or igintion OPC UA server is java based? If I can do it, is there any instruction I can follow to make it happen?



It’s possible, yes. You should only need to tell your C# client the hostname of Ignition and tell it to connect on port 4096.

By default the Ignition OPC-UA server requires a username and password to activate a session, but this can be disabled in the OPC-UA Settings area of the Ignition gateway.

Thanks for your help!

My client was able to connect to the server. Now what I want to achieve is to set some montioritems on the simulator driver, specifically I am using Demo Test dairy. I created a group with item Motor 8/Amps and set some trigger and I was able to get alerts through the website but my client did not seem getting any alert. The client subscribes a monitoritem with startnode Motor 8. Do you have any client examples code for receiving alarms and events?

Thanks again!

Our OPC-UA server doesn’t support the alarms specification for OPC-UA, just the basic subscription and data change facets.