OPC-UA Siemens S7-1200 reading MD blocks

Hi, guys
The problem is that we can read out input bits, output bits, double numbers from data blocks and so on. The problem is we can read MD values. These MDs are stored not inside data blocks, but must be read straight from PLC memory.
The way we read values we can:

The we we have tried to read MD10:
These two do not return an error but the result is very strange:

[Vent]REAL10 - gives an error

Are there any ways to read out MD from the PLC with OPC-UA S7 module?
Thank you!

IT seems that I was too fast when i posted here. The problem was that the PLC needed reboot since it hanged up.
Now there is no problem with reading MD values from PLC.
The correct syntax is:

[Vent]MREAL10 for MD10 and [Vent] stands for OPC-UA device.

Case closed. Happy with the Ignition.