OPC-UA Standalone

Saw in the description that the Ignition OPC-UA can be installed and run stand-alone.

How does one do that? And to what purpose? To get familiar with OPC-UA?

Can I bring a value into an Excel Spreadsheet with it?


It can be done quickly by just licensing the OPC-UA module, which can be done here on the website. In this case, the other modules will technically be installed, but will just timeout and won’t be used.

If desired, you can go into module management in the gateway and uninstall the other modules. That way, you shouldn’t have extra stuff that you’re not using cluttering the gateway.

Now, as for why- it’s really pretty simple. Basically, it could be used anywhere you would previously use a com-based OPC DA server, and it’s free. So, you could choose to use it with a different company’s opc client, provided that they support UA. Unlike every other opc server on the market I’m aware of, it’s 100% free, so with just the 2 drivers we currently have you’re saving potentially thousands of $$$ over other products out there.

There’s one more reason to run it alone, even when using IA software across the board: system architecture. Some companies with many remote locations choose to install just the OPC-UA server at each site and take advantage of UA to access the remote data in a very cost-efficient (and secure, convenient) way.

Hope this answers your question,