OPC-UA switching between "Connecting" and "Idle"

I have an Allen-Bradley PLC that I’ve set up as an OPC-UA Server. When looking at the Gateway under Configure -> OPC-UA -> Devices, I see my device listed, but its Status is constantly changing between “Connecting” and “Idle”.

Why is this? Does this indicate the connection is being dropped and then instantly reestablished?

Your title says “Connected”, but your post says “Connecting”.

If the latter is true, it’s likely not being established at all.

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What version is the PLC’s firmware? And which driver are you using? (This is typical behavior when either of the legacy drivers is used with a new(er) processor.) Note that the very latest Logix v20 firmware has adopted the security restrictions of v21+.

Thanks. My title was incorrect, it should have said “Connecting.” You are also corrrect that the connection was not being established at all! Of course the error was my own - when I moved the gateway I forgot to update the IP address… oops.

A note for those Ignition Gateways hosted on Servers with DNS. If you had a power outage or another restart event. Check to make sure the Server IP did not change from Static IP to DHCP and another IP.

If the Server IP no longer matches the IP setting in the Gateway > OPC-UA Server > Setting > Server – Endpoint Address. Then device connections will exabit this behavior along with their tags having poor connections. Otherwise the Gateway and projects will mostly behave as normal.