OPC UA Tags with Value Changed Script does not reconnect after FAILOVER endpoint connection with the Secondary Igniton is stablished

Running Ignition 8.1.22 with redundancy enable.Redundancy is Warm & Full.

After FAILOVER endpoint is stablished , the OPC Tags in which Value Change Script is present, doesn´t not recover the connection to their source. Tags without Value Change Script are connecting without issues.

After a restart of the OPCUA module is forced manually, connection is stablished on both Tag types.

Thanks in advance for the support!

Sounds like a bug--possibly a new one (I haven't seen this particular flaw reported here). If a real bug, you will eventually have to upgrade to apply a fix. If you can test in the latest version of Ignition (even temporarily), that will be useful to know. (v8.1.28.)

You definitely should report this to support (this forum is not support).