OPC UA Value Read Redundancy Issue


I have a strange issue with regards to time it takes Ignition to get the first values from Siemens 1500 OPC UA servers.

On failover to the backup server, the OPC UA Servers connect within seconds and the values start reading within about 20s.

When it goes back to the master, the OPC UA Servers connect within seconds but the values only start reading after about 3 minutes.

I can reliably, albeit painfully, reproduce the issue in my environment. Are there any specific loggers that I can enable to find the cause of this discrepancy?


What version of Ignition?

8.1.3. Planning on uprgrading next week

Turning the loggers you find searching for OpcUaSubscriptionModel and OpcUaSubscriptionSynchronizer to DEBUG or TRACE will show you in varying levels of detail what’s going on with trying to create the OPC UA subscriptions and monitored items.

Turns out this is not an OPC UA reconnection issue as all the values are updated rather quickly to the historian.

It seems as though it is Perspective that doesn’t get the message and only jumps to life after 6-10 minutes.

I will contact support for assistance.