OPC-UA via OpcCom Tunneler

I have 2 gateway, i use OpcTunneller for OPC-DA remote access
My Gateway A client OPC-UA :

  • Migrate to 7.8 rc3
  • OPC-UA 3.8.0-rc3

My Gateway B server OPC-UA :

  • Ignition 7.7.4
  • OPC-UA 2.7.4
  • OpcCom 2.7.4
  • OpcCom Tunneller 2.7.0 [color=#FF0000]not available in 7.8[/color]

Since i upgraded the gateway A, there an error that comes but not immediatly.
From Gateway A :

From Gateway B :


I have delete and create connexion on Gateway A 7.8 and now it works but i have this messages (every second) on gateway B :
I checked my user and password OPC_UA user, it a problem of versions between two gateway ?

With the upgrade module OpcCom Tunneller in 7.8
I was able to upgrade my srvB to 7.8
Now i have two problems :
1 - I have i new OPC server automatically and i can’t delete it (FT-old)

2 - The same error in my preview post