OPC UA vs Comm Protocols

We have an application where we need to pull data from remote devices, we are in the definition stage, since it will be a custom development in the device side, we can choose between using a device that supports a “mini” OPC-UA server form or a device that can talks an specific protocol.

From architecture and performance standpoint, what would it be better, using a device with embedded OPC-UA server capabilities or an specific protocol say “Modbus TCP”.

We are talking about 50-80 devices.

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OPC UA would be the best choice.

edit: MQTT might be a reasonable approach as well, if bandwidth is very tight, but then you need to introduce a broker and 3rd party modules…

Thanks for the quick response!

I believe there should be no limitation for the number of OPC Servers added to ignition, am I right?

As for MQTT, we were also considering it, but I am not sure we are ready for it.
We are planing on test it and depending on results consider it for future applications.

Thank you

No limit, and its implementation has evolved (and is evolving) towards a future where you could have hundreds or thousands of connections and it shouldn't be an issue.