OPC Write Error

I have an OPC connection to a camera that is working fine. However, when I write a value to a boolean OPC tag from a boolean OPC tag for this device (SICK camera), I get the following error from Ignition. “10:05:20.568 [AWT-EventQueue-2] ERROR com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.sqltags.util.TagUtilities$WriteListener - Error writing to Download.Value:
The server not does support writing the combination of value.”

I’ve also tried to write directly to the opc path using a script on a button and that does not work either. However, if I go into Kepware and write a 1 to the tag, it works fine. If I try to do a read from Ignition on the tag, I get the following: “[COLAS00077, Ignition OPC-UA Server]
[null, [Bad_AttributeIdInvalid] The attribute is not supported for the specified Node., Fri Apr 20 10:01”

Any ideas??

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