OPC Write Stop Work All Functions

Hello, I have a problem in a project, I am already contacting support but I would like to see if you can also help me here:

I have a system where 240 parameters of a database are downloaded with a query, then they are written in blocks of 80 OPC tags of an OPCServer (Top Server) using the system.opc.writeAll function … In this system, others are written tags but of 1 in or maximum of 3 in 3 … but when those 80 are written in a single stroke the ignition stops … other functions that are running in parallel stop working, writing memory tags, opc in other functions are not performed, the whole system is slowed down.

I have no idea what may be happening, but the tags do not have them imported into the ignition, I thought that if writing to the PLC was done it would be more efficient … I do not know if it will be the function that has problems or the OPCServer, someone Have you had this problem? The PLC is an Allen Bradley

Sounds like a bug. I often perform similar large reads and writes via system.opc.* functions from/to a variety of Allen-Bradley products, including really old stuff on slow comms channels. The only major slowdown I’ve encountered was due to the one-message-per-scan configuration bit in some old SLC processors. All of this using Ignition’s native OPC drivers. I’ve never used Top Server.