OPCCOM Tunneller Update

I noticed the OPC-COM tunneller isn’t available for Ignition 7.9.1. Are there any plans to update it?


Actually, it looks like the version under 7.8.5 works for 7.9.1 too. It’s not giving a version mismatch error on the module page anyways.

Yeah, version matching rules have loosened along with the new module signing system. Some of the checks are optional, now, as long as the rest of the classes and interfaces a module uses remain compatible. Most of my stuff is now compiled for 7.7.8 and runs fine in 7.8.3+ and 7.9.0+.

We should get a 7.9.x version posted, but yeah, the 7.8.5 version should work. I don’t think there have been any changes since then either.