OpcCom Tunneller

I am trying to setup the OpcCom Tunneller module available from ignition and need some help configuring it as I have not been able to make it work yet. I installed the OpcCom Tunneller module on the remote machine and it shows connected under Devices. Also, under the OPC Quick Client I am able to browse tags under Devices>Tunneller>PLC.

Then on the main machine I created an OPC-UA connection where I entered the name of the tunneller under “Name” and the remote machine IP address under “Host”. I have also tried a few different port addresses: 8088, 8043, and 4096. Regardless of what I do here the status shows “Unknow” or “Faulted”.

I figure my problem is with my configuration on the main machine but I’m not really sure what all the settings are for. What is the proper way to setup the tunneller? What goes in the username and password fields?

aharris, the port is 4096 - you are actually connecting to the OPC-UA server on the remote machine.
Are you getting any errors in the console? If so, what are they? It also be a good idea to check that the port is open.

Yes, I am getting this error in the console:
OpcUaConnection:Tunneller Error connecting to server: StatusCode[Severity=Bad, Subcode=Bad_ConfigurationError]

I tested port 4096 and it appears to be open to me. Test method used was from the main machine cmd prompt: Telnet “remote machine ip” 4096. The result is a blank screen which I understand to mean a successful connection.

Do the username and password fields need to be filled in on the main machine OPC Server connection settings?
Are there any instructions available for the OPC Tunneller module?

The OPCUA Tunneler just connects an OPCCom module to the OPCUA module on the same machine. You really are only connecting OPCUA to OPCUA on two different computers. So on the computer that is connecting to a remote Ignition, you would have two OPC Server connections: the default “Ignition OPC-UA Server” and the new one you’ve added. I’m not familiar with using Telnet to confirm it, I would just check the firewalls on the computer. In order to connect to Ignition’s OPCUA , you have to have a username and password. For Ignition, the defaults are
port: 4096
user: opcuauser
pass: password

Thank you that explanation solved this for me. I am now able to connect over OPC-UA to a remote ignition machine and grab tags. I now understand that the Tunneller is used to connect to OPC-DA COMM such as RSLinx on a local machine and now have that working which was part of my goal. My confusion was that I thought the tunneller was involved with the connection between separate ignition machines.

The port and user name was needed to make the link between ignition machines over OPC-UA. Until you posted that I had not seen this anywhere.

Thank you!