Opcua connection node subscription/read errors

I am developing an opcua server in node.js and after enabling authentication I want to get the users from the serverconfiguration->usermanagement->users node. When I attempt to read or subscribe to this node I get an error: Bad("Bad_DecodingError: Decoding halted because of invalid data in the stream.").

My question is how do I see the data in the stream?

Version: 8.1.19 (b2022072711)

What is the DataType of the Value of that Node?

Ah, it's a UserManagementDataType[], part of the role-based security model.

This is not a type that Ignition understands right now because it's still using OPC UA 1.03. You won't be able to decode it.

Aha, Yes we are using 1.04.4 Thank you for the quick response.