OPCUA Device Issues

I have been adding many devices to the OPCUA server without issue, and have several hundred tags scanning continuously, including some historical polls.

The issue I have now is that once I add a new device, it connects just fine and shows it as connected on the status screen, but then no data comes through. I don’t seem to get any error messages, yet the quick client cannot browse, and once I go into the designer I cannot see any tag values either. The following is the only information I get related these devices:

Request Schedule
SubscriptionItem Count 0
ScheduledRequest Count 0
RefreshRequest Cycle
Request Throughput 1.0/sec
Min Request Duration 2.0ms
Max Request Duration 80.0ms
Avg Request Duration 12.7ms
Last Request Duration 4.0ms

11:14:59 AM Common.BasicExecutionEngine One-shot task com.inductiveautomation.xopc.drivers.allenbradley.ControlLogixDriver$FinalizeBrowse@71005803 threw uncaught exception.


11:14:13 AM BasicExecutionEngine Execution engine ‘DriverExecutionManager-ControlLogixDriver-BL13’ shut down in 0ms

From the console seems to be related to when I initially add the device

What version are you using? I think I remember seeing that bug get fixed recently…

System Properties
Context State RUNNING
Cluster Mode Independent
Cluster State Active
Version 7.2.7 (b170)
Java Version Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_24
CPU % 54.1
Memory (used/max) 1.5 gb / 6.0 gb
Uptime 9 days, 3 hours, 44 minutes, 27 seconds
Timezone America/Los_Angeles [GMT-8:00]

Can you send your wrapper.log file(s) to support@inductiveautomation.com? On a default installation on Windows, they are at C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition.


Hi Kevin.
Has this issue been resolved? it is Feb 2018 now. We use 7.9.4 and it looks like we have the same issue.

Best to send your logs to support and get a ticket started. They can verify if it’s the same problem or something else.

Thanks. Do you mean wrapper log files?

Yes, that’s the first thing they will ask for, along with what version of Ignition.