OPCUA Device Not Connected Opto22

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with some devices in the OPCUA device connections that remain in a Not Connected state although there is a connection that i have checked via multiple ways. I have tried to connect from the Ignition server to the device via SSH connection which is working properly. Also the device is pinging and there is no firewall rule that may interupt the connection. These devices are Opto22 SNAP-PAC-R2 PLCs. I have a big project with almost 200 of them and this occured only in 2 that refuse to connect in the UI. Any idea will be more than helpful.

Thank you all.

What’s the message on the connection/device status page? Errors in the log?

Is a direct OPC UA connection you are talking about or are you using the 3rd party Opto22 driver?

The only status code that i am able to find from the Ignition OPC UA Server - Subscriptions section is a “Bad_NodeIdUnknown” Status Code.

I am using Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC Driver 4.0.2 (b2019101100) from Cirrus Link Solutions in order to implement the connections.

Sorry, you’re probably better off contact Cirrus Link for support. I don’t really know anything about this module or how to troubleshoot it.