OPCUA driver with Modbus Driver connected not by TCPIP

I want to know how the example code of OPCUA driver with Modbus TCP Driver to be adapted for one which is not based on TCP IP.
AbstractNioDriver provides the networking bits and pieces. so | must extend directly from AbstractDriver other than AbstractNioDriver . how can implement the Driver interface to send and receive data?

You’ll need to write your own “AbstractSerialDriver” that would sit between AbstractModbusDriver and AbstractDriver. You will need to find your own serial library to do this; Ignition does not currently come with any support for serial communications.

There’s an open-source library called rxtx (rxtx.qbang.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page), as well as a commercial ones available.

Thanks for your reply,if I want to realize the fuction :sendMessage and receiveMessage of
Interface Request in OPCUA driver programing ,I must use the AbstractNioDriver which is send and receive data by TCPIP,is it true?