OPCUA : error request exceeds remote max message size when browsing


When we connect Ignition 8.1.27 to an OPC-UA server (WAGO 750-8204 PFC200) we have the following error when we browse the GVL folder:

request exceeds remote max message size: 78175 > 65535

[o.e.m.o.s.c.t.u.UascClientMessageHandler] [14:41:15]: Error serializing ReadRequest
, ReadValueId(nodeId=NodeId{ns=4, id=|var|WAGO 750-8204 PFC200 CS 2ETH RS CAN.Application.GVL.yearnow}, attributeId=16, indexRange=null, dataEncoding=QualifiedName{name=null, namespaceIndex=0})]): request exceeds remote max message size: 78175 > 65535 

We have no error with UAExpert client on this folder
We can browse other folders in Ignition without issue.
We can read items in the GVL folder from Ignition without issues.

We have tried to increase the opcua connection Max Notifications Per Publish, the only available parameter with default: 65 535, but it has no effect.

Any idea what's wrong ?

As a side note, I have the same error from Quick client:


You may need to reduce the "Max Per Operation" setting on the OPC UA connection to something smaller than the default of 8192. Try 4096 or 2048 and see if that works.

Thanks !
It works in our case with a value 256 or below
We have about 160 tags in the GVL folder.

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This setting is only a fallback for when the server doesn't advertise the limit in its address space, or if that limit is larger.