OPCUA, Kepware, tag quality showing BAD

I am working on a proof of concept project with the demo version to help justify the implementation of ignition in our plant. I have several PLC connected to kepware, I am able to connect and see all the data in all the tags from Ignition. all but two of the channels. the 2 channels that are showing bad in ignition but good in 2 other OPCUA clients happen to be connected to kepware via a serial connection, not sure if this has anything to do with why these 2 channels/plc’s are not picked up by ignition or not. any one else experienced this or can point me in the direction to start looking.

Serial channels are fundamentally single-user. But a server could multiplex complete messages on behalf of multiple clients. I would expect to find this in the Kepware docs for that driver.

Typically you’d want to make sure your serial devices are defined under a single “channel” in KEPServerEx, that will make sure that requests across the devices are serialized (I’d typically then use aliases pointed to the various channel.device references so I could rearrange things in KEPServerEx without having to reconfigure clients). There is also a newer construct called “Virtual Network” that achieves the same thing (but can be used to bind together disparate channels). The advice of going to the docs is probably still a good idea–the strategy you use may depend on the KEPServerEx version you’re using. Plus, it has now been a couple years since I did a Kepware configuration… :smiley: Only saving grace is that I used to do it a lot.

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Thanks for all the replies, it turned out that I had fat fingers and missed typed the IP address. and it was pointed to the old kepserver and I had removed the serial connection on that server.
(egg in face).

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