OPCUA Scripting on Gateway: Creating a server entry

I am looking at the functions available in system.opc.*
I do not see a function in there for creating an opcua server. Is there another set of functions somewhere that can achieve this?
My goal is to create a project for customer use that has functions to create an entire setup relative to their installed equipment.
I can script the creation of tags (thank you so much for having this). I can query the install OPCUA servers. I can compare this list with existing to determine if I should update the data associated with this list. The only thing I cannot find is a way to script adding the server itself to the gateway.
It is not a big deal for our company to add this entry. But one of our goals is to make a turnkey project for use by customers. If we could get it so all they have to enter is an IP address this would be very very nice.

If its not available is there a way to submit a feature request?

We just recently added system.opcua.addConnection and removeConnection scripting functions. They should be available in the nightly release and part of the next stable release.

Oh thank you very much! Is there a way to see IP addresses for existing connections? We identify our machines by IP and being able to show this when selecting the server would help immensely.

Thanks again for constantly improving the product!

OPC UA connections use discovery and endpoint URLs, not just an IP address. If you start walking through the discovery wizard for a given connection again you can see the URLs being used. The IP or hostname will be part of the URL.

Yes, but does the scripting interface have a way to see this value for existing connections?
I need to be able to compare these to determine if a device has been setup.