Opcua server call back for acknowledgement

hello guys,

I am looking for a solution for something similar. I have an OPC UA server connected to an ignition. I have a sensor that shares status values, so I have set an alarm for that status. When an alarm is generated, I have to acknowledge it and send back an acknowledgment to the server. So I have tried first with Prosys opc ua browser to call back for acknowledgment, and there it works perfectly. I have added images for ref, so now I want the same thing: when the alarm generates, I want to send an ACK back to the server from the ignition. and every time an alarm is generated, the event ID value for that alarm is unique, so if I want to send ack back to the server, I have to use that same value for ack. In the image, you can see that. in the prosys browser, value data type is a different hexadecimal byte string, for example: [16]0xb8e743902ec9754cb5ab6d3efb8f86e3. and in ignition value coming in string like:[74, 114, 204, 88, 25, 136, 159, 209, 254, 107, 153, 13, 172, 149, 135, 38]...so please guide me how can acknowledge the alarm from ignition to the server back

No, that looks like a java byte array that has been stringified by printing it. That is almost certainly exactly the right object type to include in your method call. (Someone else will have to help you with the method call--haven't done those myself.)