OpcUaSubscriptionManager no item for clientHandle=298


I’ve been watching the system console and I noticed the message OpcUaSubscriptionManager and no item for clientHandle=298.

What does it means and how to debug?

If it’s happening continually it means the server is sending change notifications for items the client doesn’t think it should have.

I’ve seen this happen more than once when connected to Kepware because if one of the request to create monitored items times out the client will not consider those items created but it may very well finish on the server side. This scenario can happen with any server but Kepware is unusually slow when it comes to creating monitored items.

I am having this error message as well. We have a few remote tag providers and are trying to expose them through OPC, then remap those opc tags into our own custom UDTS. The remote tags are displaying fine in the tag browser but report bad in the remapped udts.

for example:
remote tag provider tag: [Plant]Substation/Power is good quality
tag PlantOutput with an OPC item path ns=2;s=[Plant]Substation/Power is either unknown, bad , or stale

Sometimes after a few days the tag value does go good.

Actually, I’ve modified a UDT or added a new tag and its data quality is always unknown. Also, this situation happens when the device is disconnected and then connected.

In my case, I have a Kepserver (devices like flowmeter with modbus communication) and Ignition OPC-UA Server (Three PLCs). Is there a priority between this opc connections to access data?. The tags from Kepserver update faster when Ignition OPC-UA Server is disabled. With both servers enabled, some tags from kepserver update slow. I’ve noticed that when I connect UAExpert to read those tags and the value in ignition’s designer is not the same that I watch in the UAExpert. Then I read the tags with quick client from webpage ignition and the value is the same as I read in UAExpert. Sometimes the delay is one hour.

Which does module read the tags to set log’s level and try to debug?
Is necessary to configure the kepserver’s connection?
Is possible that Kepserver and OPC ingition not work well together?

Is there a way to resolve it? (in my case, im using TANI OPCServer). i find the tag that it is referencing but the data looks all good. ver 8.1.13

Resetting the connection (edit/save no changes) will stop the error.

If you have good data it’s likely because the initial request to create monitored items timed out but an eventual retry succeeded.