Open a pop up based on tag value in vision

Hello, I want to have a pop up window open in vision when some tags values become 1 as an alarm page. what is the best way to achieve this? thanks

You could use a client event script tag change event handler to monitor the tag(s) for changes.

If you want to pop it up for any alarm, then I would create a memory expression tag that called system.alarm.queryStatus to count alarms in the folder it’s in, and monitor tag change events on that tag.

This is the UDT that I use to count alarms within a folder (and its subfolders) :
Area Alarms.xml (1.2 KB)
You can just place it in the root tag folder to count all alarms

that is a good idea, thanks for your help

No worries. Not sure if you saw, but I edited my post above and added a udt xml to it

got you, thanks